My payment has been declined, what should I do ?

If you are using a debit or credit card :

If your payment has been declined, double check the payment informations you have provided such as card holder name, billing address ( must match the address of your card issuer ), ccv code ( 3 or 4 last digits at the back of the card ), and expiration date. Double check that you type of cards is accepted by the selected payment gateway. You might also contact your card issuer to learn more about on-line or international transactions limits. 

If you are still unable to complete your order, you should contact your bank and/or card issuer. 


If you own a Paypal account :

If you have tried to pay with your Paypal account and your payment has been declined, you should check your account limits and payment informations. If you are trying to complete your payment with your Paypal funds, double-check you have suffisant funds on your account(*) or that you did not reach your payment limits. Verify you are not trying to proceed with a bank transfer if you have linked your bank account to your Paypal account. In any case, we kindly advise you to contact Paypal to help find a faster resolution to your issue. 

(*) We quickly remind you that all payments are processed in Euros, and you need to understand currencies exchange rates if your funds are not in Euros. Consult Paypal support pages for more information about their applicable exchange rates.

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