Downloading your master files

Your assigned sound engineer will push your master files for download to your account once your master will be completed (2-3 business days, express service 1-2 business days). You will receive an email with the link to download your master files at the email address you have used to create your account. You can also find the download link in the order details page. Simply log in your account on our store, select your order in the list, and scroll to see your order details. For security reasons, we will use your login email address for all our exchanges with you.

Quick reminder : Your contact address is the email address you have provided as your login username for your account. All exchanges and emails will be sent to this address. 

For any changes or request after purchase, we remind you that you can discuss with your assigned sound engineer directly from your account. 
  1. Log in your account
  2. Click the chat button
  3. Copy/Paste your order# in the required field at the bottom, and fill up the form
  4. Send your message
Note : You can also reply to your mastering engineer message from your email. Just reply his email to chat.
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