Uploading your audio files ( e-mastering I online mixing service )

When ordering your e-mastering, you will upload your audio files directly from your account, once you have completed your order and processed checkout.

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Remember to provide your order# for the handling and follow-up of your order. This is necessary for our engineers to follow and handle your services correctly within the turnaround specified.

You will find all steps from the very beginning just below the screenshots.


STEP 1. Your account on Color Sound.

Communicate with your assigned engineer directly from your account page in just a few seconds.

STEP 2. Your order details page.

  • Select your service(s) and options and follow the steps from the cart to complete your order.
  • Login or go to your account page or create an account if you are a new customer.
  • Proceed to checkout. You will be redirect to our store after payment. 
  • Go to your account by clicking the link in the upper left of the website.
  • Select your order# in the order history table.
  • On the order details page, you'll find a button "file upload" in the help buttons section.
  • Copy your order# ( something like 10xx-xx ) and save it for later.
  • Click the button, you'll be redirect to the upload page.
  • Click the button to open the WeTransfer page, paste your order# in the message field.
  • Upload your audio files in aif, aiff, wav formats.

Your assigned sound engineer will be immediately notified you have uploaded your audio files and will be able to handle your order as soon as possible. You will also receive an email confirmation for your upload. 

Note : If you upload zip or rar archive files, remeber to not compress your files to not damage them. If the quality of your files is damaged we will not be able to work with them any more.

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