Free and paid revisions ( e-mastering service only )

Basically, we include 1 revisions per mastering services. It means that we can rework your master up to 2 times.

Q : Do you mean that if I'm not satisfied after 1 revisions, we're done ?
A : Of course not. We make our best to make our customers satisfied. It takes times and commitment. If you are not satisfied with the results or if it can be considered we have make an error, we will work again on your master without any additional costs.

Q : Do you mean I can have unlimited revisions ? 
A : Neither. We will make our best to meet your expectations, but like in lots of related and creative fields, we all must understand subjectivity and where should be the ending point. What we will in such cases ? We will advise you about your mix or track, and we may re-oriented your choice of mastering to another one ;  hard mastering to stem e-mastering for example, or the other way around.

Q : What if I have made a technical error in my files ?
A : If your files does not meet the audio requirements ( audio clicks, cut audio, etc... ) and we need to re-work the master, we will apply additional fees. To make sure the issue is customer-related, we will refer to the native/ original files sent. We will apply an additional fee of 50% of the total amount if we isolate the issue to your original files ( incl. taxes ). We will sent you a quote which you will e free to accept or decline before any further work.

Q : Why do you apply 50% fees to rework a master if my files are corrupted ?
A : All our gears are analog. Therefore, when we re-work a master, we start from scratch again.

What you need to consider :
Mastering will highlights your mix strengths and weaknesses. Your choice of mastering depends of your music genre and the result your want to achieve. For instance, we recommend stem e-mastering for all music kind made in home studio. If you want to reach commercial loudness, EDM (electronic dance music ) for instance, you may choose the hard e-mastering. If you want a classic e-mastering and if you have made your mix in a pro studio, you may choose the stereo mastering is for you.

Remember that you can compare our e-mastering services in terms of benefits on our website; tick the box above the product image and click the "compare" button. It will give you a quick snapshot according to your music genre and desired results.

Again, we are here to help if you need any further assistance or advises. We are available by email, our contact forms, or by phone to answer any specific question you may have regarding your mix and tracks.

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