Our new user interface has been released!

Hi All, 

We are proud to announce that ColorSound studio has released its new user interface for your audio mastering online. We are first and only one to provide these features to rou clients, and you have inspired us !

Here's an online tour of our new CS Dashboard : Take a tour !

We hope you will enjoy our vintage gears design, a nice taste of one of David & Flo favorite sampling drum computer, with exclusive features to help ease your e-mastering project.

So what's new ?

  • Now, you can directly chat with your assigned engineer; No need to email us any more; No more need to repeat again your details; You are just a clic away from your assigned sound engineer. 
  • You can also upload, update, and delete your audio files from your account. Each fo your order has a file manager section for you to easily uploads your tracks for mastering. Your mastering engineer download directly your files, then will push your master files to you.
  • You will be also able to review your order history, keep a record of your chat with your engineer, download and print your invoices, as well as duplicate your past orders for time saving. 

We designed it for you, according to our specific needs, to allow the best follow up and service for your mastering projects.

Hope you'll like it ! Enjoy !


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