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Our Facebook store has been launched on July 17th, 2014. We are now glad to offer our customer all our analogue mastering services online through Facebook.

You can now order directly from our fanpage and checkout with Paypal with no need to leave facebook.

Q: I am not an European Resident so I should not pay VAT Tax. Can I purchase my mastering online free of taxes ?
A: Yes, from our facebook store, locate the dropdown menu. You should be able to see " E.U Citizens". Click on the menu and select "Oustide E.U Facebook Shop". Voilà

Q: I can't find the store on your fanpage
A: From our fanpage, click the Facebook shop tab and voilà !

Q: Do I get the same service and the same term of sale
A: Sure you do ! We provide the same quality and service for both our regular and facebook customers. The same terms of sale apply to our facebook store. If you wish to learn more, you can browse our support center articles or visit our website disclaimer on our official website.

Q: Can I checkout on facebook ?
A: Yes you can. Our store is using Paypal gateway to process your payment within facebook.

Q: What about refunds and revisions ?
A: We apply the same rules than for our regular online store. Please kindly refer to our Kbase articles about revisions and refunds in our support center.

Q: I can't find my output option on the facebook store.
A: If you are looking for specific mastering options, you kindly forward you to our regular store for online mastering services. We offer Factory DDPi ( Disc Description Protocol image ) , mastered for itunes, vinyl mastering, alternate versions, and 24-48H express turnaround for your online mastering.

Q: Why can't I order my options through facebook and will it be available soon ?
A: We make our best to use the most recent and accurate tools for our customer. Nevertheless, sometimes it does not entirely rely to us. Though, we need facebook to allow us to do even more to ease your order and fully integrate our services in our facebook store. In any way, as soon as the features will be possible to develop, we'll do it straight away.

Q: If I have discount code, can I use them on the facebook store ?
A: Of course, all are coupons and promo codes are working on both our facebook and regular online store.

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