How to buy on facebook ( with screenshots)


We have included screenshots to help you better understand our instructions. First, search our studio fanpage in facebook or go to our fanpage here : 

Buy now on facebook

1. From the fanpage, just below the cover image, select the "Facebook Shop" tab next to the about tab. You need to like our page to display our store.

Voilà, now you can order your analogue mastering online without leaving facebook.

2. If you are not a European Union resident, you can go to our VAT exempted store. Locate the drop-down menu in the upper right. Click on the menu and select "Outside E.U Facebook Store". You're done and you can start shopping your mastering without VAT Tax.

3. To checkout or to edit your shopping cart, locate the cart button in the upper right. Click on your cart to edit, delete, or to checkout. To process you order, you will checkout via Paypal.

We provide the exact same quality and professionalism on both our regular store and facebook store. The same terms of sale and service apply.



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